10 Things to Help Your College Student Sleep Better

Sleep, it’s what your college student needs. Unfortunately, there are a host of challenges when trying to get a good night’s sleep in college. Late night study sessions, music down the hall, a roommate’s alarm clock, pounding videogames, and those occasional college parties ending at odd hours of the morning.

Difficulties aside, there are remedies to help students get all of the rest they need — or at least more than they normally would. Here is a list of 10 items you can purchase for your student to tune out the noise and deepen their sleep.

1. A Mattress Pad — Many of our UniversityParent readers point to mattress pads as the best buy for sleeping products. Typically mattresses in off-campus housing and residence halls are too stiff, overused, or simply poor quality. A quality mattress pad can do wonders for your student’s sleep.

2. ZzzQuil — There are times when students are too stressed, have too much caffeine, or are struggling to fix a sleeping schedule already out of whack. In these desperate times a little extra may be needed. ZzzQuil is a non-habit forming sleep-aid to help with those bouts of college insomnia. The product has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration for over-the-counter purchase and endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation.

3. Sleep Mask — If your college student does have to sleep odd hours — or if they have a roommate who’s an early riser and likes to open the blinds — a sleeping mask will help reduce the light in the room for a more continuous sleep.

4. Music — Music can wake you up or put you to sleep. This depends on the person. But for students who find relaxing music soothing this may be something to think about when buying MP3s.

5. Air Purifier — If your student has troubles with allergies it might be worth the bulk and expense of an air purifier to prevent congestion, sneezing, and coughing throughout the night.

6. Quality Sheets & Comforter — This almost goes without saying. Making sure your student has a quality comforter and sheets can keep them warm and relaxed.

7. Pillow — Not to be overlooked, a pillow is an important yet affordable purchase that can add for a comfortable rest.

8. Ear Plugs — If your student doesn’t have to wake up at a certain time — a time when she may miss hearing her alarm clock — then ear plugs may be a good fit for a bit of quiet.

9. Curtains — If a sleeping mask is good, thick curtains are better. Usually college bedrooms are lacking when it comes to quality curtains or blinds to block out light. As a note, your student will have to check with his roommate and with his residence hall or off-campus housing office before installing these fixtures.

10. Noise Reducers — What (you might be wondering) are noise reducers? They are actually just speakers that create white noise, a flat and continuous sound to help you sleep. And yes, this may seem very backward: noise for sleep? But many people use noise reducers to cancel out other noises in the same way passengers on a bus or airplane use the low hum of engines to fall asleep. Noise reducers can be purchased on your student’s smart phone with apps such as Calm or Headspace.