The Best Birthday Gifts for College Students

Send Birthday Cake to College Student

The first birthday away from home can be a bit sad for students (and their parents!). You can still pamper and celebrate your student from afar. Here are a few of our favorite college student birthday ideas.

If the birthday falls at a busy time, like midterms or finals, surprise your student by having food delivered to his dorm or apartment. 

Search for delivery services near your student’s school. 

Birthday in a box: Fill a care package with party hats and favors, balloons and noisemakers, streamers, and the like. You can have a cake or cupcakes delivered straight to their dorm building or apartment!

Buy or make a big card and have everyone in the family, plus any local friends and neighbors you can round up, write a message. Include in a box with your student’s favorite candy, fun magazines, and other treats.

There’s sure to be something your student has longed for but can’t afford on her own (new bike? tablet or smartphone? clothes, shoes, a jacket or purse?)…now’s your chance to indulge her.

Bake Me  A Wish

Have flowers, balloons, cupcakes or a birthday cake delivered — look up your student’s college on our website to find local businesses, or send a birthday care package.

Does your student have a favorite shop in town? Call and order a few special items. The store should be happy to wrap them and have them waiting for your student. Let him know when to stop by — he’ll be surprised when he’s handed a bag of unexpected gifts.

Frame a favorite photo of your student with friends or family.

Other gift card ideas: experience gift cards, movie theatre, a basket of chocolates, coffee shop, spa or salon, sporting goods/outdoor recreation store.

For off-campus students who like to cook: Put together a themed cooking package (weekend breakfast with waffle iron and waffle mix plus a jug of maple syrup; wok with utensils, Chinese cookbook and specialty ingredients needed for stir fry; etc.).